Don’t fancy trekking out in the freezing cold to an overcrowded firework display? Sometimes it's nicer have an intimate celebration with close family members at home. Make your DIY bonfire night go out with a bang with these stay-at-home tips.


1. Pet proof your home

Whilst bonfire night is a fun occasion for most of us, it can be rather scary for our four-legged friends, who have been known to panic and subsequently escape as a result of fireworks. First and foremost, keep your pets safely shut away in a quiet room, well away from the thundering loud bangs and startling pops. You could even create your own make-shift pet den by draping a blanket over a table. Provide plenty of soft bedding so that they can snuggle up and keep warm. Keep the blinds or curtains closed to prevent bright flashes filtering through. When choosing curtains, opt for a heavier weight fabric to keep light and noise out.  

Grey curtains and tartan throw Imperial Silver Ring Top Curtains - £60.00

2. Accessorise on the inside

Accessorising is a cheap and easy way to get your home bonfire night ready. Recreate the sparkle of fireworks with twinkling fairy lights. Lanterns are also a great bonfire accessory and little ones can easily carry them outside too. For an outdoors feel, scatter fallen leaves over a side table or mantelpiece. If you’re looking to get crafty with your kids, you could make giant rockets out of cardboard and hang them around the house.

3. Set the scene outside

Seen as you’ll be spending most of the evening under the moon-lit sky, it's worth decorating your garden to make your time spent out there extra special. Dot tea lights and lanterns on the grass and patio for a magical glow - placed well away from the firework display area of course. Scatter decorative cushions over the benches to create a comfy outdoor seating area.

Tartan cushion and tea lights

From left to right: Matalan Boucle Check Textured Cushion - £10.00.

 4. Keep everyone warm and cosy

Wrapping up warm is of course, key on bonfire night. Make sure you have soft throws and woolly jumpers on hand in case guests or your little ones start to feel the chill. If you happen to own an outdoor heater, now’s the perfect time to make use of it.

5. Get everyone to chip in

Fireworks can be pricey, so instead of emptying your pockets, ask family members to chip in by bringing a few of their own along. As well as saving you money, their contributions will make your firework display a shed load more interesting.

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