You’re sitting on the sofa, trying to relax, but your feet are freezing. Ring a bell?

Trying to save money whilst staying eco-friendly as the temperature drops outside can be a bit of a nightmare, and more often than not, you’ll be reaching for the thermostat in hope of a warmer clime. Read on to discover five ways to keep the cold out of your home this winter, and get prepared for a cosy Christmas. 

1. Refresh soft furnishings

You’ve swapped your summer wardrobe for a winter one, but what about your home? Not only a way to inject a sense of autumnal appeal and freshen up a space, switching your furnishings will instantly warm up a room too. Look for heavier designs which are crafted from wools and thick cottons, or are made from fluffy, fur-like textures. A thick, woollen throw not only looks great when draped over a sofa’s arm, but is also the perfect accompaniment to a hot chocolate and mince pie.

2. Opt for heavier curtains

Curtains are great for protecting you against the outdoor cold and acting as an additional insulator in the home. Investing in a pair of which have been made in a heavy-weight fabric will keep a room warm as well as save you money in the long run. If you want to find a pair that will stand the test of time - rather than swapping when it gets to winter, there are plenty of light, bright and season-neutral shades that will look great throughout the year.

From left to right: Broadway Striped Ring Top Curtains- from £24, Cologne Jacquard Pencil Pleat Curtains- from £65, Hanover Beige Ring Top Curtains- from £130.

3. Rearrange furniture and make the most of heat

The biggest mistake that many of us make is placing furniture against radiators. A quick rearrange of the offending pieces (mine’s a large white sofa), can make all the difference and stop one room seeming colder than the rest. Add a shelf above your radiator - but not on top - to re-direct rising heat, and place foil behind it and out of sight to help radiate heat; both great solutions, especially if you have high ceilings.

4. Don't forget the simple solutions - wear socks!

I may sound like a nagging parent but honestly, sometimes the simplest solutions are the ones we tend to forget about the most. Padding around barefoot may come naturally to you, but your feet are surprisingly important when keeping warm. A pair of fluffy slippers or thick socks will keep your feet toasty and warm you up in no time. And if you really hate wearing socks, stick a hot water bottle underneath a cushion and get your feet up!

5. Invest in a heavy pile rug.

Wooden, stone and tiled floors may look amazing, but when it comes to winter, they love to make us feel cold. Adding a heavy, wool pile rug will create a statement in any room, as well as give you something warming and soft underfoot. A shaggy, fluffy design will be even better for chilly feet and you’ll find that little ones, partners, pets and even you may find a new favourite nap spot.

From left to right, clockwise: Grey Whisper Imperial Rug- from £115, Teal Jellybean Rug- from £60

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