You may favour the clean, sleek lines of modern architecture, the stripped-back minimalism of loft-style interiors, and will always opt for the monochromatic or simple designs. However, for a smooth running family home, opting for the perhaps minimal and modern designs isn’t always an option.

We’re here to help shake off the curtain’s preconceptions. They don’t have to be frilly, fussy and overly feminine. Curtains, believe it or not, work wonders for the modernist. And, the perfect accompaniment to blinds, a pair of curtains will instantly soften a look - as well as keep snooping neighbours out.

Read on, and find out how you can complement a modernist interior, simply with a pair of curtains.  

Play with texture

For a softer look in your home, opt for a pair of curtains which showcase a stunning depth of texture. A simple waffle, honeycomb or mesh fabric instantly creates an interesting new element to a space, and lace will add a more feminine touch.

Expert tip: The key to working with texture in a modernist interior, is to stick to one colour scheme. If your walls are white, opt for white textured fabric, if they’re grey, opt for a grey texture. Not only will it keep a room looking clean and simple, but it will create the illusion of space, lengthening your walls and floor.  

Keep colour simple

Perhaps you’ve decided to opt for pale walls, in a white, cream or Parma grey shade. And whilst it may look great initially, pale walls can sometimes feel a little flat. A pair of curtains in one block shade will instantly add a new depth to a room and bring it to life, adding a lovely comforting touch without making too much of a statement.

Expert tip: Avoid steering too far from your colour scheme, with the exception of contrasting a white wall for a monochromatic look. By picking a curtain fabric that is 1-3 shades different from your walls, you’ll achieve a soft look that doesn’t impose on the rest of your room’s style.

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Don’t be afraid of pattern

Modern and minimal needn’t mean bland. A burst of a pattern or colour can add a new depth to a room and draw the focus to a certain area- a great way to make a space look bigger and brighter. The key is to keep things simple. Choose one or two prints and work with their colours for a pulled together, modern look.

Expert tip: When finding the right print to complement a modernist interior, oversized and bold looks best. A large stripe in primary block tones will create a playful look reminiscent of 1960’s modernism. Complement your print with plain, neutral tones and glass, metal or high-gloss textures.

Add some masculinity

Often considered as more of a feminine furnishing, curtains can actually be used to create the perfect gentleman’s look. Perfect for keeping a room dark at night, you can simply draw a pair of heavy curtains and create the perfect pad for movies, gaming and Saturday morning lie-ins.

Expert tip: Dark colours will dull down the daylight, as well as create a statement against pale walls. If opting for a print, we recommend a simple stripe or blocky design to keep things minimal. And don't be afraid to layer a sheer, simple fabric panel underneath. It will stop a space from looking too much like a bachelor's pad. 

Play with light

Part of the appeal of modernist interiors is their light and spacious feel, which can transform a dull and dingy small living room into an airy, open space. Play with light by sticking to shades of white, buttermilk and cream to emphasise natural light, as well as complement your room's lighting. If you have blinds, choose a sheer or thin curtain fabric to really boost the natural light.

Expert tip: If you’d like to achieve a minimal white look, make sure to stay on the blue side of the spectrum when choosing your fabric. Anything with a slight yellow tone will emphasise warmer tones in your room and give off more of a creamy shade. We love a striking white with a subtle hint of blue or an “almost white” shade of grey.

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