In the lead up to Christmas (and let's not forget the aftermath), there always seems to be enough excitement to keep most people going for the rest of year. And as enjoyable as it is, the masses of presents, food and fun can sometimes take its toll. Even after a few days, the whirlwind of Christmas can mean that simple home comforts and essential you time can get neglected. We say, it's time to be a little selfish this season, and look towards refreshing the home, to create a sanctuary to escape in as well as enjoy.

Read on to discover how you can make your home cosy and calm this Christmas, so that no matter how busy you, your family and guests are, there will always be the chance to catch up and relax.

1. Ensure that your 8 hours are blissful ones 

Pictured: Sheepskin Rug (natural) - from £59.

This time of year is actually a great one to refresh and replace tired beds, as you can give yourself the chance of a better sleep before the festive season gets too hectic, and your mattress will be at its peak comfort once it comes to mid –December.  

  • If you’re finding sleeping difficult due to lumps and springs, then a new mattress may be required. A memory foam design will add an extra layer of support. A mattress topper can offer a little extra support too.
  • Make sure to look underneath your mattress and check your slats. Broken ones can cause discomfort and can damage a mattress. Also check the quality of your bed frame, focusing on the corners, feet and headboard. A tired bed frame won’t support a good night’s sleep and may need replacing.

If you want to keep things simple, turn your bedroom into a soothing and calm place by banning any Christmas-task reminders such as mobile phones, laptops and tablets from the bedroom. Instead of switching on the TV, try reading a book or listening to the radio, and add warm lighting in your space. Candles or fairy lights will help to soften the atmosphere.

2. Create a place of respite

Pictured: Milton Vintage 12 Drawer Chest - £670.

Create a comfy corner in your home where you can take a seat, sip on a cup of tea and pop your feet up – even if it is only for five minutes. Perhaps treat yourself to a new armchair that you can sink into, or buy a few new cushions to freshen up a beloved design. A spacious sideboard or chest of drawers will allow you to keep all of your comforts close by, making it even easier to forget about your Christmas to-do lists, so you can enjoy some quality time out. Make sure you have good lighting close-by to give you a place to focus and read, yet won’t be too bright and distracting.

 3. Add a calming touch in every corner

Pictured: Martine Curved Neck Table Lamp (chrome) - £75.

Enhance light, scent and touch this season to make your home as cosy as possible for family and guests. Mismatched sizes of scented candles, seasonal flowers in milky glass jars, soft textiles and table lamps will evoke a sense of calm and comfort this season. And if you opt for festive selections, they’ll not only create interesting points of focus, they’ll also enhance the Christmassy feel. Pop a few favourite pictures in the midst of this, to remind people of favourite memories and moments, and perhaps stack a couple of interesting books so that anyone can take a moment to read and relax.

4. Encourage down time for little ones

Pictured: Jellybean Rug (multi-brights) - from £65.

At such an exciting and active time of the year, it’s important to encourage a little peace and quiet too. Create a calming, snug area for little ones to relax and recharge, so that they can settle their minds and get ready for the next Christmassy adventure. A fluffy, high-pile rug with lots of texture will give them somewhere to sit, read or even nap. Pop baskets and easy-to-reach storage close-by, and fill them with books and favourite (but peaceful) toys and activities, so that they’ll always have something to do. Keep the colour scheme soft but playful as this will enhance the calming atmosphere. Pretty pastels, earth tones and soothing blues are all great options.

5. Never underestimate luxury when it's underfoot

Pictured: Imperial Rug (dark mix) - from £109.

From little ones playing or opening presents, to guests resting their tired feet, the living room rug gets a lot of use at Christmas. And if your current rug isn’t up to scratch and cleaning won’t do the job, then perhaps it’s time to invest in a new rug. When it comes to deciding on your design, think about your family, guests and what they will most appreciate. A high pile rug will be the comfiest option, but textures can vary. Shaggy rugs in neutral tones look great in classic interiors and suit most people. Yet faux fur, and finer textures tend to appeal more to people who have sensitive feet. And if you’re feeling adventurous, layer up with a few super soft sheepskin rugs.

6. Keep dining fuss free

Pictured: Coleman's Re-Engineered 6 Drawer Chest - £519, Coleman's 9 Drawer Re-Engineered Apothecary Chest - £889.

As cooking and catering for guests tends to become a huge part of Christmas, it’s important to try and keep it as stress-free as possible. Cut down on faff by creating an area in your dining room or kitchen that will help to streamline the setting-the-table and plating-up process. A few storage solutions placed flush to a wall, or wicker baskets placed on shelves would work well. Look towards tall, slim furniture designs such as tallboys or narrow sideboards that won’t take up too much floor space, and opt for styles that have plenty of drawers. This means that you’ll have easy access to all your essential dinnerware and table accessories, without making your room look cluttered. You’ll also be able to keep all of your unsightly but necessary kitchen essentials out of view. 

 7. Create your own Hygge

Pictured: Sheepskin Rug (grey) - from £59.

The Danish ritual of Hygge essentially means enjoying life’s simple pleasures, be that friends, family or graciousness. In interiors it translates through comfort, warmth and atmosphere, and its a perfect way to relax with loved ones after a frosty day outside.

  • A key part of hygge is centred around creating a comforting space that is functional rather than just stylish. Pick furniture designs that will be low on maintenance, yet that will work hard for the whole family.
  • Textiles are essential, so look towards soft upholstered designs in armchairs and sofas that are easy to wipe down and clean. An upholstered sofa will also retain the heat when it’s cold.
  • Ensure that there are enough throws and blankets for everyone to snuggle into, so try layering different textures and weights of fabric for a stylish yet practical look. Furs, knits and simple textiles work best.
  • If you’d like to introduce printed cushions, let people have their say (little ones included). It’s important to embrace everyone’s personality in a living space, but to stop the look from becoming too busy, opt for different prints in similar shades.

 Our top picks to keep you calm this Christmas.

Pictured: 1. Jellybean Rug (burnt orange) - from £65, 2. Imperial Suede Effect Lined Curtains - from £55, 3. Sheepskin Rug (mink) - from £59, 4. Purity Cylinder Touch Table Lamp - £19, 5. Fletcher Swing Arm Floor Lamp - £49, 6. Coleman's Re-Engineered 6 Drawer Chest - £519, 7. Crispin Small Sofa - £319.

*Prices correct at time of publishing. Prices subject to change.

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