Creating the right light for your home in winter’s dark months doesn’t just mean buying some extra lights or switching your lampshade. Of course these factors play a part, but to truly embrace natural and artificial light for a pulled-together, brighter look, there’s far more to it. We take a look at rooms in the home and how to make the most of light for an open, refreshing look this winter.

How to embrace light in the living room

The living room tends to be the most used room in winter, especially as it creeps towards Christmas and a house becomes one full of family, friends and impromptu guests. As the days draw darker and keeping the curtains closed becomes commonplace, it’s so important to be able to work with light and emphasise it with your décor. 

  • If you’re planning a wall colour update, don’t be afraid of deeper and darker colours as they can create a wonderful sense of elegance and warmth. The key to working with these is to create a cocooning effect rather than a gloomy one, so make sure you pick paints with red, golden and pink undertones.
  • Emphasise warmth in a room by picking a lovely transparent glass lamp, or oversized ornaments- anything with a slight rose tint is particularly warming. A few splashes of coppery, golden tones will look stunning when paired with rose-milk tones of glass, and will nail a trend favourite.
  • Update your curtains with a pair that are in a paler, softer shade. Again, warm undertones are a great way of emphasising light, and if you can find a fabric with a shimmer-like quality, you’ll instantly make a room look lighter.

If you’re thinking about painting your bedroom a dark colour, see our bedroom colour dos and don'ts.

Make the most of light in the dining room

A dining room is a great platform to create light-emphasising displays, with the dining table at its heart. Even if it’s full of food, friends or has miraculously been kept clear, it is always a space which should embrace light. 

  • Opt for lampshades which will let the light bounce around. A hooded wooden, or opaque shade will close off valuable light source and make a room feel too dark and dingy- especially if you have a compact space. Choose a transparent, or pale shade with golden undertones instead, as it will embrace the light and cast a lovely warming glow across your room.
  • Glass is your best friend. Perfect for bouncing light around a space, adorn your table with glass furnishings and details to embrace the light. Try placing gold and jewelled baubles in a glass bell jar for a wonderfully chic look as the Christmas season begins. A glass nesting table or side table looks great when placed in a corner, and is perfect for when hosting for extra guests.
  • Add a wintery centrepiece that will create a feeling of light. Bringing a slice of nature indoors is a wonderful way to achieve this and some dried berry branches or sprigs of holly are the perfect choice. Berries have a lovely, glossy sheen to them which subtly reflects light and they will evoke a sense of calm and the freedom that comes with the outdoors.

Don’t let darkness dull a bedroom

Trying to relax in a gloomy bedroom on a cold winter’s night can be a nightmare. And as Christmas shopping and the stresses of the season dawn on us, no-one wants to go home and sit in a dark space.

  • Match bed linen to the walls, it will make a space seem bigger and more in-sync, leaving more focus on the light.
  • Use textures that play with light and embrace warmth. Velvet, suede and soft fabrics can have a subtle, shimmer-like quality that creates a sense of comfort and light. Make sure to choose pale, delicate shades to emphasise the look. One of our favourite colour trends, mink is wonderful for perfecting this look.
  • Keep lighting to a minimal and opt for gentle, curved lines for a soft look. A rounded mirror with a birch, bamboo or golden frame will create the illusion of more light and space.
  • Embrace golden and warm tones for a cosy, wintery look that can be easily translated into spring and summer. By choosing earthier, richer shades you’ll create a more luxurious look rather than a tacky one. We love updating blinds for a simple way to add some light emphasising warmth.

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Never forget the bathroom

The bathroom can be easily forgotten when it comes to emphasising light during the colder months. And for those with a north facing or windowless bathroom, you’ll understand just how good winter is at making a space feel repressive and cold.

  • Keep candles on stand-by for bath times, they’ll cast a lovely, soothing glow that is as flattering as it is relaxing, and a fresh scent will even perk up a long shower.
  • Make a statement with a mirror. Consider replacing cabinets with edge-to-edge mirror cabinets, that will provide extra storage as well as create the illusion of more space.
  • Update towels and bath mats to a crisp white, or soft, pale grey to add some freshness to your bathroom. If you already have white towels, perhaps it’s time to replace them… in winter, whites should always be at their brightest.

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