Introduced to England in 1841 by Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert, the Christmas tree has and always will play an essential role in a traditional British Christmas. Glowing magically in the corner of a room, a Christmas tree can transform a room into a cosy retreat in an instant. But how do you find a festive tree that tastefully reflects your decor? Creating an alluring centrepiece is no easy feat, especially when you want to find one that blends in with your interior. Here’s how to find a tree that dovetails with your home.

One size definitely doesn't fit all when it comes to Christmas trees, so first things first, think about how you would characterise your interior style.

Would you describe your decor as minimal?

If your home carries a minimalistic theme, go for an unconventional looking tree - a small branch tree adorned with mixed match accessories will create a beautiful, festive aesthetic.

Would you describe your decor as traditional?

If your home embraces a traditional style, keep it simple with a classic looking tree. Deep candy cane coloured accents are a must and will look great paired with gold ribbon and tinsel. Don't forget to place a trusty star on top. 

Would you describe your decor as shabby chic?

If you’d define your décor as shabby chic, an organic tree is best for enhancing the rustic vibe. Coordinating decorations are ideal for portraying this look – add symbolic Christmas baubles in the shape of reindeers, santas and angels. 

Would you describe your home as mid-century modern?

For a mid-century modern home, look out for a traditional looking Christmas tree with a modern twist. A white synthetic tree is perfect for creating a vintage feel. Deck it out with vibrant accessories for a splash of retro colour. 

Where to position your tree?

Where you place your tree is just as important as the style you go for, and can make a huge difference to the ambience of a room. When positioning your tree:

  • Pick an eye-catching view point

Pick a well-lit spot where your tree will best capture the limelight, without blocking out the natural light. Find an area where you can admire it from multiple view points - whether that's from the sofa, fireplace or driveway. Once you’ve set your tree up, take a step back and examine it from all vantage points. 

  • Decide which room is best

Think about which room would enjoy your tree the most and whether it would work well practically. You can then determine which size of tree you'll need. Do some quick floor to ceiling measurements in advance of purchasing; there’s nothing worse than picking up a tree only to find it doesn’t fit when you return home. 

  • Ensure you place the tree in a safe spot

Make sure you choose a safe spot to locate you tree. Avoid placing it near doorways, walkways or any other obstructive places where excited kids and pets run the risk of bumping into it. Never position your tree next to the radiator or fireplace as this could pose as a potential fire hazard. Placing a real tree near a heat source could also dry it out. 

  • Rearrange the furniture to suit

You might find that you need to rearrange your furniture in order to turn your christmas tree into the room's main centrepiece. Shift the furniture around to suit your space, but always try to orientate it towards the tree so your guests can catch a good glimpse mid-conversation. If your space contains a lot of furniture, you could temporarily remove some to prevent it from feeling overcrowded. Could you do without the coffee table or the foot stool? 

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