Once a luxury, the TV is now a prime feature in most people’s homes, giving little ones and adults alike an excuse to take a break from a busy day and escape reality. And as Gogglebox has taught us, TV time is family time.

According to the BARB and TV Licensing, we’re seeing more and more rooms with a TV. They’ve predicted 8% of people in Britain will have a dedicated cinema room by 2020, with the same proportion planning to put a set in their bathrooms. Sound like your cup of tea? Perhaps instead, it sounds like a nightmare.

The bedroom seems to be ever-popular in the TV stakes. Ten years ago, those aged 18-24 were the group least likely to have TV sets in their bedrooms (54%), but are now most likely (79%).

And when it comes to dinner time, 72% of us typically eat at least one of our main meals of the day in front of the box - although those with children are less likely than those without.

So, it seems like Britain’s love affair with the telly isn’t going anywhere and if anything, it’s only growing in the home.

But here’s the question… What’s your TV type and where do you watch yours?



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