Red. It's bright, bold and notoriously difficult to work with. And when it comes to the Christmas season, it's an easy colour to get wrong. Perhaps you've always been one for its rich tone and warmth, yet don't know how to bring it into the home and daren't even try. Or maybe you struggle to enjoy the colour, yet seem to have an affinity with its seasonal appeal.

Read on to discover our rental-home-friendly tips on how to introduce red into your home, no matter whether you're a seasonal lover, or a red devotee. 

The au-natural red

If you'd rather see red on a flower than in a tin, it's best to stick to more natural shades of the colour. Using tones which have been inspired by nature or found in flowers and plants will add a soothing feel in the home. And, by picking flowers or colours according to what's in season, you'll never tire of seeing red throughout the year. 

  • Choose soft furnishings in tones of red that are inspired by the outdoors. Deep, autumnal brown tinged reds, summery shades of warm orange and frosty tones of winterberries look great as blinds or curtains
  • Enhance a wintery atmosphere with a soothing fragrance that will liven up a Christmassy home. A bowl of Pot Pourri placed in a frosted jar on the coffee table works perfectly. 

A sprig of holly or red berries placed in a simple jar will add a touch of festive cheer without giving in to too much red. 

The burst of red

To you, red is about being bold, bright and playful. A statement wall in postbox red may be on the cards, but if you'd rather ease yourself into the colour gently, there are plenty of other options. 

  • Stick to prime colours for a fun, contemporary take on red. Pair red with its opposite - green, for an even bolder look that will balance the warmth of red.
  • Love monochrome but can't commit to black? Red makes a perfect alternative that will instantly give a space a striking, modern twist. Try a berry red shelf or storage unit in a white bathroom.

The luxury red

Never one to keep things simple, you love an opulent twist in the home and adore the luxurious, warming tones of ruby red and maroon. For a more luxurious take on red, stick to tones with added depth and golden or dark brown undertones that will look great against jewels and metallics. Focus on texture and fabric, for a glamorous impact that will blend well into any space. 

  • For a true feel of luxury, invest in a sheepskin or heavy pile rug that will feel divine underfoot as well as give a room a lavish look. We love the rich berry shade of our Sheepskin Rug in Berry, pictured. 
  • Don't be afraid to layer and clash. For a contemporary look that's a hot trend for 2016, find three to five tones and patterns of red, and layer them against each other. Five cushions in different covers can look wonderfully stylish and thought-out.

Complement your chosen shade of red with golden accessories for a truly opulent look. Copper and rose golds will only bring out the glamour of a dark, deep shade of red. 

The comforting red

Red reminds you of comfort. The feeling of cosying up to a fire, a warm summer's evening or being snug and wrapped up whilst wandering through the deep red of autumn's fallen leaves. 

  • Remind yourself of the cosiest winter days by snuggling up on a sofa in a shade of fresh, apple red.
  • Sleep time is the best time. 

The "I’d-rather-not" red.


For the person who loathes red in their home on a daily basis, but who loves Christmas, the answer is to keep your choice discreet enough to please you, but still create a festive feel.  And as we’ve found, you don’t have to love red enough to paint your walls in it… sometimes it's a subtle splash that looks best. 

  • Opt for soft furnishings that can be easily switched up and changed to suit the seasons, or your mood. Cushion covers in a rich oxblood or mulled wine shade will look wonderful.
  • Choose tones which give a generous nod to red. Warming, burnt oranges, terracotta and colours with a good amount of red pigment are perfect, wintery alternatives. And if you really loathe the colour, invest in a Christmassy, berry or cinnamon candle. That way, you can have red in your home... in sentiment. 
Throws in traditional, wintery fabrics such as plaid or tartan will look stylish, without having to fully succumb to red.

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