With Christmas nearly here perhaps you've already planned out your lunch, the show-stopping turkey and your presents are wrapped and neatly tucked away from prying hands. You can finally look forward to sitting around a tree with family and spending some quality, Christmas time together.

Often overlooked, the layout of your living room is key to making the perfect Christmas Day. As the majority of time will be spent here, it's a space which should be a priority and isn't just about a Christmas tree. We look into size, how many guests you may have visiting at Christmas and your room type to create the perfect living room guide for Christmas Day. So whether you're looking to fully rearrange a space, or just shake up things this Christmas, our tips will help to create the perfect day. 

If you have an open plan living room for two, but are expecting company this Christmas: 

1. The Tree: Don’t leave the Christmas tree to do all the talking. If you’re really stuck for space, you can look into getting rid of a standing Christmas tree all together and opt for an alternative. The use of seasonal flowers and table decorations in a room can give enough of a Christmassy feel, or you could pick a table-top tree alternative.

2. Extra seating: In a small space, it's important to keep any extra seating out of sight, and hidden away when not in use. Invest in four fold-up, lightweight chairs that can be easily tucked underneath two sofas when you don't need them. They'll be within reaching distance when needed.

3. Food's not for the floor: Table nests or folding side-tables are the perfect answer to having company on Christmas day, especially if it’s an occasional occurrence. A three-piece table nest with glass tops will help to emphasise space in a small room, and can be dotted around to provide space for drinks and nibbles. When it's time for Christmas fun and games, they can be cleverly tucked together and pushed aside.

4. Keep your cool: If your guests will be lounging in the same space whilst you’re faffing over the turkey, it’s important to keep a cool, cosy atmosphere. Dot winterberry scented candles and clove stuffed oranges around your room to help mask unwanted odours, and opt for soothing decoration tones of milky white, pale blues and soft, golden yellows.

Stick to a soundtrack of winter classics, such as "Baby, It's Cold Outside", to boost your soothing surrounding. 


If you have a living room for four, but the whole family will be here this Christmas:

1. The tree: Your pride and glory of the living room at Christmas, the tree is a spectacle to be admired by all. Ensure that seating is facing the tree and angle sofas and chairs ever so slightly to face each other, which will help the conversation flow. 

2. Extra seating: A clever ottoman will save on space as well as offer extra storage. Place rustic, wooden trays on top so that it can replace your coffee table for Christmas, as well as be moved aside for an extra perch or to make way for games. A design like our Stortsen Ottoman Chest could be easily used as a coffee table throughout the year. 

3. Emphasise your space: If you seem to be bursting at the seams, avoid too many patterns and bold, vibrant colours that will create a claustrophobic feel when a room is full of people. Pick decorations that match your wall colours as they’ll give the illusion of space, as well as create a more calming look that doesn't compromise on style.

4. Make space for more: Re-home furniture in another room for the Christmas duration. If you have a spacious dining room or hall, perhaps tuck an armchair into the corner for a welcome (and quiet) pit-stop. The grown-ups will be thanking you.

Hang a mirror to emphasise your space and light to create an airy, comforting atmosphere this Christmas. 


If you have a living room for six, but are planning a full house this Christmas

1. The tree: If you’ve had a Christmas tree in the same spot for the last few years, perhaps it’s time for an update. A change as little as moving it from one side of the room to the other, will make all the difference. Embrace your tree's decor and extend it onto a nearby wall for a truly stylish, and put-together look. 

2. Shuffle your furniture: Give your furniture a little rearrange, perhaps moving two sofas - which normally sit parallel - against a wall. It will create a perfect, open space to unwrap presents in and play Christmassy games.

3. Childs play: Make a sheltered or hidden spot for children to play while the adults can enjoy a drink or two. If you're blessed with a large space, perhaps rearrange your sofas so that there's a corner or small space behind, and lay down a fluffy rug for an afternoon nap.

4. Keep it simple: Invest in a side table, sleek enough for grown ups to sneak past and for little ones to steer clear of. Not only will it look great, but it will offer a perfect place to showcase your favourite decorations.  

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