Most interior trends come and go like a feather in the wind, with just a special few having enough staying power to last in the longer term. 2015 has been a whirlwind of distinctive interior movements, including geometric patterns, warm metals and leafy greenery. Here's our lowdown on the trends we've loved this year and predict are here to stay.

1. Metal combos

The comeback of 1950's style interior has propelled metal combinations into the limelight, fuelling an appetite for retro style bling in the home. Gold, copper and rose gold accents are set to rise in the style stakes next year, and work particularly well in creating a timeless, mid-century modern look.

2. Bringing the outdoors in

With a growing need to take better care of the earth's resources, we're taking a leaf from the outdoors, using greenery in the form of upside down hanging shrubs and dragon plants to give our homes an organic lift. The more plants the better; next year we'll see our homes transform into a natural oasis with plants taking centre stage. This coupled with furniture that functions outdoors as well as in are set to be big trends in 2016.


3. Geometric patterns

It’s out with the plain and in with the pattern. Geometric shapes have played a starring role this year, adorning interiors here there and everywhere. Great for making a statement, rhythmic patterns add huge doses of personality to a space.

4. Reinvention of every day items

Stools as side tables, ladders as book shelves, lampshades as vases; it's safe to say that up-cycled items are very hot on the interior scene right now. This boho theme oozes charm and is likely to gain more and more traction in the new year.

5. Floral

Floral patterns have been resurrected from the grave and are slowly making their way back into the interior world. You can take one of two approaches with florals - the less is more approach where you subtly inject florals through accessories or the go-all-out approach, where you add some serious flower power to your space. The latter is not for the faint-hearted. 

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