When you doze off to sleep each night, there’s a good chance you curl up into a familiar position. Research has shown that there’s a correlation between your personality and the way you sleep - in fact, your sleeping style supposedly provides an important clue about what kind of person you are. So if you really want to lift the lid on someone’s character, catch sight of them whilst they’re snoozing. We asked people what their preferred sleeping style is, to find out what it means.

Feet hanging out of the bedThe foetal position

"How did we know so much about sleeping already when we were babies? The foetal position for me is definitely the comfiest of all; it's a position that keeps you toasty for eight luxurious hours, on those brisk winter nights. What's even better is, I tug the duvet to my side and no one ever questions my motives. Perhaps because it just looks so natural to be nestled in the duvet in this position, and no one dares disturb my tranquility. It's as though the foetal position denotes 'do not disturb' - without having to say a word!" - Katie, 21, Hull.

If you tend to adopt the foetal position like Katie, you snooze lying on a side with your knees pulled towards your chest – it is in fact one of the most common ways to sleep. You’re also less likely to snore, so you’re seen as the ideal bed buddy. In terms of personality traits, you’re said to be sensitive on the inside but hold a tough outer shell. You can often be shy at first, but soon warm up to people.


The log position

“I tend to opt for a night time sprawl that starts with me sleeping straight on my side, but ends up with me lying diagonally across the bed (still on my side), hogging all the covers and my partner's leg space. I’m also known to roll myself into the duvet, meaning that there’s no chance of budging me and getting any. We use a king-size duvet for this exact reason.” - Katrina, 23, Leeds.

If you have a habit of sleeping on a side like Katrina, you're said to sleep in a log-like position. Log sleepers tend to be relaxed, easy-going individuals who are very sociable and enjoy being part of the in-crowd. They are very trusting of strangers.

Log sleeping positon


The soldier position

“I feel comfortable falling asleep on my back, but always seem to wake up on my left side in foetal  position. I used to wake up sometimes with this strange red mark on my left shoulder then I realised it was the indentation from the decorative embroidery detailing on my pillow case.” - Christina, 32, Texas.

If you’re like Christina and doze off lying on your back, you sleep in a soldier-like position. Personality-wise, you tend to be quiet and reserved – you don’t like to make a fuss but set very high standards for yourself and others.

The sleeping with your cat position

“I sleep in really weird angles as my cat is always sleeping in the middle of the bed. By myself I shift a lot from “foetal” to “log”, but if my cat is in the middle I end up kind of at an angle; either diagonally or on my side and he decides to sleep behind my knees!” - Joel, 24, Nottingham.

If you co-sleep with your pets like Joel, you’re a loveable person who tends to play the parental role in your friendship group. You also find it hard to say to no people (and animals). Putting yourself first has never been your strong point.

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