For a quick fix that will leave you feeling seriously refreshed, look towards your home. Not only will getting rid of unnecessary clutter be like taking a breath of fresh air and calm a busy mind, it will instantly give your home an update and turn it into a more peaceful place of escape.

However, for a true cleanse that will nourish the mind as well as the home, no one wants to be reminded of the past. So perhaps get rid of the unused exercise equipment, ill-fitting clothes stuffed into the wardrobe or sickly coloured furnishings that you never really loved.

Detox your home by getting rid of these ten items today, that we assure you, you'll never miss. 

1. The junk drawer

The junk drawer is an accumulation of "I don't know what to do with this, so I'll throw it in here". Everyone has one, and everyone dreads opening it. 

Make the most of any cardboard boxes or trays in the home and turn a messy drawer into a thing of the past. A blast-back to Tetris, place different sized boxes and trays into a drawer to create a DIY organiser for your odds and ends. Inspired by the Japanese mentality of de-cluttering and simplicity in the home (does the “KonMarie” method ring a bell?), it will make organisation simple.

Top tip: Box lids make shallow trays which are perfect for storing bracelets, hairbrushes or receipts. 

2. Those DIY odds and ends

DIY is the worst, so let's keep this one short. If you have two of anything, put it in the bin. You don't need to look at an extra hammer to be reminded that it's time to hang up that picture frame.

 3. Anything expired

The cough medicine from an awful week of illness last year, the "metabolism booster" supplements that you never bothered with and that pile of cosmetics you daren't look through. These are all items that aren't needed and will just remind you of the past. Look forward and put anything that has passed its expiry date in the bin. 

4. Bags

Plastic bags can be really useful as a great alternative to buying small dustbin bags. However, you might find that you've got far more than needed. Recycle or throw away any bags which are too small, big or you simply won't use. And when it comes to the free canvas totes that you've hoarded over the year, cut the collection down to two or three bags that you will consistently use.

5. Your hoard of bed linen

When's the last time you got rid of a duvet cover other than when it had a gaping hole? Perhaps it's something that has never even crossed your mind. Excess bed linen can take up far too much space, often being piled high in a cupboard space that could definitely be used for something better.

Live by the "Quality, over quantity" mantra and cut down to two duvet sets per bed. One set to be used, and another for when the first is in the washing machine. It's all you'll ever need. 

6. Kitchen Appliances

If you've not used a product in more than two months, consider getting rid. Is the chocolate waterfall that you bought for your 30th birthday ever going to be used again? If not, the local charity shop will be happy to relieve you of it. And don't even think about the ice cream maker that never saw the light of day. Who knows, a clean-out may even help with the "healthy eating" resolution...

7. Any product in the bathroom that just isn’t cutting it

Stop telling yourself that it might be OK. That “miracle” conditioner which only seems make your hair worse has had enough chances. Get rid, and get more space.

8. Those freebies that you’ve been hoarding

Gu pots, ketchup packets, chopsticks and a few random plastic spoons or forks for "just in cases". Is it really necessary?

I didn't think so either.

9. The gifts you don’t love

You've got small figurines tucked behind pieces you love on the book shelf, the vase your sister gave you is lost somewhere in a cupboard, and you've got countless untouched gift sets. Don't feel inclined to keep something because it's a gift. And next time, when it comes to presents, give them a gentle nudge in the right direction.

10. And all those tins...

At the back of your food cupboard, behind everything else, there it is. The stockpile of tins that would appear to anyone else, as if you're preparing for the end of the world. Yes, tins seemingly last forever. But that doesn't mean they should. If you've got tins and packets of dried food that you bought weeks, months or even years ago, they should be removed. 

A great reason to give something back, they can be taken to food banks or given to someone in need and who'll appreciate them.

If you're pushed for time, but are in need of a quick fix to make your home look tidy, read our 10 minute cleaning tips here.