If you’ve ever lusted after a stylish designer piece, you’ll know they aren’t cheap. And after October, a new copyright law means you’ll have to fork out for the real thing if you want a designer look. Fortunately, our buying experts will let you in on a juicy secret to nabbing a designer look-alike for just £129 (for a set of four), but you’ll need to act fast.

What does the new copyright law mean?

Basically, from 28 April 2016, UK retailers now face a 6-month amnesty, meaning they will need to sell their look-alike stock or face a severe penalty. It may not seem like such a big deal, but even one designer clone can mean a hefty fine and time behind bars.

What does it mean for you?

This ruling may be aimed at businesses, but you’ll certainly notice a big difference at the till post-October. And, if like most families, you don’t have several hundred pounds to spare on a vintage original, you can say goodbye to those dreams of owning the real thing.

Until now, retailers have had the freedom to sell replicas for a fraction of the price of their original counterparts. However, that budget-friendly price tag will rise considerably this October. In fact, it may even rise as much as 10 times.

“This is the perfect time to snap up a stylish designer look-alike. With the new ruling extending the copyright 50 years, retailers will need to get rid of their stock. If you want to try out a retro look, snap it up now before it’s gone.” Matt Carr, Furniture Buyer.


The countdown to getting a mid-century modern icon of your own, begins…

Just like the original, our Fraya chair is designed for comfort. The smooth curves of the shell seat let you relax with ease, whether you’re enjoying your first course, sitting the kids down to do their homework, or entertaining friends. The stylish Eiffel Tower-like base provides full support with metal bars for extra reinforcement and its shell seat comes in five vibrant colours, perfect for ticking any trend box.

“Fraya’s ergonomic design makes it versatile for any room. It’s a smart piece that will work anywhere — from the dining table to the home office.” Beckie Carlisle, Homeware Buyer.

 Stuck on how to style it in your home?

Thinking about introducing this designer look into your home, but not sure whether it will clash with your current décor? In clean white, our Fraya chairs will blend in nicely with any look. They’ll also save you time decorating, instantly adding a mid-century modern flair that won’t rock the boat.

What’s your Fraya look?

All our Fraya chairs are now £129 for a set of four. Get your very own designer look before it’s gone.

*Prices correct at time of publishing. Prices subject to change.

For more inspiration, view our full Fraya range here.