With summer approaching and the allure of hot and lazy weekends ahead, parties don't need to be kept indoors. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with a large outdoor space and storage. If you're all-too-familiar with Victorian terraces with tiny patios or a flat with a small balcony, then outdoor furniture isn't a likely option.

The good news is, it's easier than you might think to create a stylish, Pinterest-worthy garden party that your guests will love and feel comfortable in. Read on to find out how to throw the perfect bash without having to invest in outdoor furniture.

Pictured, above: Vintage rug - from £19, Harewood Rug - from £29

Perhaps you’re not blessed with a large green garden or plenty of grass to sit on, or maybe you’ve gone for the Urban Chic look and created an extensive patio. Creating the perfect picnic area is as easy as moving the living room rug into your outdoor space.

Pictured, above: Harper bar stool (set of 2) - £79, Robin Day polo 4 leg chair - £79, Robin Day polo skid chair - £99.

Planning a fiesta? Make room for dancing and party-games inside and move chairs to your garden for a sunny seating area that people can unwind and catch up in.

When the sun starts to fade or a potential rain cloud comes into view (it's a given for a British summer), it’s as simple as moving them back inside and voila!

Pictured, above: Eton 3 piece nest of tables - £175, Newport 3 piece nest of tables - £69.

Summer garden parties always seem to have an element of semi-chaotic freedom to them. Doesn't it feel refreshing to be outside the boundaries of your four walls and bask in the sunshine? And just in case you get the occasional extra guest, or neighbours popping their heads round hoping for an invite (once they catch a whiff of your BBQ), it's always important to have extra tabletop solutions at the ready.

Pictured, above: Hanover throw - £35, Adalie 2 half lantern set - £45, Bonnie glass box lantern - £29.

When a rare long summer's day comes along, you'll want to stay outside and soak up the warmth for as long as possible. And when the temperature drops, it's time to whip out the blankets, light a fire and snuggle up with toasted marshmallows and hot chocolate. British nights tend to get very dark, so create a soft, summery glow with stylish lighting that will keep you feeling safe and snug.

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