It seems that not many of us are blessed with extra rooms for offices, or bedrooms that boast enough space for a decent sized desk. Or perhaps you’d rather keep work out of the bedroom and use other areas of the home?

Before you contemplate cramming a desk into a bedroom to only leave a few foot of extra space, read on and get some study inspiration. Be it under the hallway stairs, a cosy alcove or the dining room table, these tips will help to nurture the mind as well as your home.

1. Optimise lighting

It doesn’t have to be restricted to a desk lamp. Think outside of the box with your lighting choice and pick something that can add style or complement your room. The right design will help create a cosy atmosphere that’s easy to focus in and will get the creative juices flowing. 

  • If you’re in a north-facing or darker room opt for open bulb designs, like the Elizabeth Vintage Table Lamp, as these will emit more light. 
  • A tall, contemporary floor lamp placed by a desk will make a striking difference from the norm.
  • Wall lamps are a practical lighting option that will also enhance your room’s interior style. They’re also a great way to de-clutter floor space, if you have a small room. 

    2. Make the most of a dining table

    The kitchen and dining room are the heart of the home, and you may often find yourself cooking dinner whilst the little one sits down to do their homework at the table. An easy way to kill two birds with one stone, the right dining table can become a place where everyone catches up on work, as well as eats around.

    • Think about what you’ll be using your table for. If this involves painting and crafts, opt for a wipe-clean or metal design that will be easy to clean and hard to destroy.
    • Build the right foundations for a family hub with a sturdy, rectangular wooden table.
    • Make room for more with a drop leaf or extending design that can be made smaller when not needed and used for every day work.

    3. Pick the right seating

    The right chair can emphasise space in a small room, help to tie together an interior look and add some much needed colour to a place of study. And that’s before mentioning the comfort and concentration benefits to a hard-at-work bum.

    • If work and rainy day craft sessions tend to get messy, opt for wipe-clean plastic seating. Our Robin Day chairs have comfortable bucket seats and come in a range of on-trend colours that will make you a winner in the style stakes. Some easy to clean blinds may also come in handy for when things get a little adventurous…
    • Keep extra cushions on hand to keep little ones happy. A fluffy throw to drape over knees is also a great comforter for when it gets chilly.
    • Heard about the mix-and-match dining chair trend? If you’re a fan of working at the dining table, invest in a couple of luxurious, upholstered chairs and make them your study seats. 

    Pictured, clockwise: Elizabeth Vintage Wall Light - £45, Eton Dining Table - £459, Isaac Chairs (set of 2) - £155, Jellybean rug - from £69.

    4. Prevent distractions

    Keep temptation tucked away to stamp out any distractions. When you’ve got a not-so-keen 11 year old facing homework from their least favourite subject, even the smallest thing will give them an excuse to lose focus. 

    • If you have a TV in the same room for working, it’s best to keep it out of sight to avoid lapses in concentration. If this isn’t an option, make sure you keep the remote controls out of reach - perhaps in a chic wooden box.
    • Create a cosy, comforting atmosphere that little one’s can absorb themselves in. Pull together a room with fluffy rugs and soothing colours to aid focus (we hear blues or greens are best). 

    5. Keep it clean

    Struggle to concentrate when you’re surrounded by clutter? That goes for most! Keeping any workplace neat and tidy will instantly create a healthier environment and free up your mind. It also pays off when you can relax in the same room that you work in, without having to be reminded of any dreaded, unfinished work. 

    • Storage ottomans are a great place to store work essentials when not in use. You’ll be surprised at how much easier it is to switch off once your laptop is out of sight.
    • Don’t feel the need to limit yourself to boring plastic desk organisers and paper trays. Be creative with vintage crates, handmade pots and pretty glass jars to store your essentials in.
    • Invest in stylish, sleek bookcases to display your most used collections. If you’re stuck for space, a practical corner bookcase will slot in nicely, and you can use the top or extra shelves to display personal trinkets for a unique touch.

    6. Make way for inspiration

    A productive space is the best one to study in, but it’s important to make sure that it doesn’t become sterile and uninspiring. Ignite a creative spark with these simple tips.

    • If possible, face the desk or table towards a window. Looking out to a garden or calming sky will give a less oppressive feel, freeing up the mind for ideas and work. Natural light is also a known mood-booster.
    • A glance at a favourite holiday snap or drawing will instantly refresh the mind. Pop a few frames on the desk, or add a cork or peg board to pin things to.
    • A leafy plant will create a sense of openness and calm. If you’re a fan of the minimalist look, line up a few cute cacti or invest in fake plants.

      Pictured, clockwise: Matalan Heart Hanging Multi-Aperture Photo Frame - £12, Fiji Ready Made Blackout Blind - from £16, Matalan Lying Down Hare Ornament - £8, Matalan Set of Two Wooden Storage Boxes - £15, Orkney Fixed Dining Table - £289, Harrison Large Floor Lamp - £115.

      7. Don’t block up a bedroom

      If you’re planning on adding a desk to your little one’s bedroom, it’s important that they have space to play and relax in. An awkward desk can be a constant reminder of homework and stress for some.

      • If the desk gets more use than studying, make sure that schoolwork is stored out of sight for when it’s time to unwind. Let them use washi tape or stickers to customise a desk, or paint the legs in a contrasting, bright colour for a bit of fun.
      • If you have a small bedroom that needs to double up as a workspace, invest in a loft or high sleeper bed that will free up the floor. A design like the Henry Sleep Station features a crafty pull-out desk.
      • Opt for multi-tasking furniture, or change your perspective on something’s purpose. If you can reduce your floor footprint by cutting down on a piece of furniture, then it’s a no brainer. 

       Pictured, clockwise: Tilly Study Bunk Bed - £555, Doyle Bookecase - £95.

      *Prices correct at time of publishing. Prices subject to change.

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