A new decor craze has emerged, and the good news is, it can be incorporated in any room of the house. The trend? Occasional chairs. But what are they exactly? Alikened to armchairs, occasional chairs can be defined as statement seats designed to add character to any space. Whether used as a reading spot, dressing table stool or luxurious accent piece, they are incredibly versatile and serve many purposes. We thought we'd shine the spotlight on two of our favourites from our "Exclusively for Matalan" collection, to give you a glimpse into their design influences and how they can be styled.       

Meet Grace

Drawing inspiration from the Victorian era, Grace combines sleek curves with plush, button-backed upholstery for a decadent feel. With its short legs and arm-less body, the Grace adopts a “slipper” design.     

Slipper chairs were established in the 18th century as luxurious bedroom seating. They served as a comfortable perching place for Victorian women or in many cases, their maids, to pull on their stockings and “slippers”, as shoes were called then. The arm-less design meant there was plenty of room for their heavy petit coats and oversized skirts whilst they were getting dressed. By the 20th century, the slipper chair was used for a range of decoration purposes; frequently placed by the fireplace, next to the cocktail table or against the dressing table in an elegant boudoir. Today slipper chairs are used throughout the house and are often seen in high-end shop changing rooms along with boutique hotels.  


How to style it?

Going back to its Victorian roots, the Grace chair would make a beautiful addition in the bedroom. Sit it flush against your dressing table for a luxurious makeup station or pop it in the corner for a stylish place to put your heels on before heading out to a restaurant. Drape over a sheepskin rug for a luxurious lift and an even comfier place to sit. 

Unlike normal armchairs, slipper chairs have smaller, compact frames. This makes them perfect for filling lonely gaps. Pile on some plush pillows for a relaxing reading corner in the living room or place it near the hallway entrance to give guests a stylish welcome.

Pictured above: Corina Dressing Table, Dove - £160, Grace Chair, Beige - £119, Sheepskin Rug, Mink - £59

Meet Greenburg

Introduce some mid-century modern to give your space a sophisticated feel. The Greenburg cocktail chair blends 1950’s curves with fluted back detailing for a statement look with an art deco feel. Think Mad Men with a contemporary twist. 

Cocktail chairs were founded during the post-war era, when there was an increased appetite for luxurious goods due to rationed materials becoming widely available again. This resulted in designers going all out with their creations, crafting elaborate furniture from the finest materials. Out of this movement came the cocktail chair. Comfortable yet sophisticated, it was the perfect place to sit back and sip on a cocktail whilst the party was in full swing.   

How to style it?

Use Greenburg to host your very own cocktail soiree. Place it in the corner of the room so that guests have a stylish place to relax when they're indulging in their drinks. For the extra retro factor, team with a geometric rug — this will create a striking contrast against the denim-style fabric. Make sure you've got an end table nearby so you can keep your cocktails within arm's reach. 



Pictured above: Greenberg Cocktail Chair, Denim - £129, Marrakesh Rug Teracotta- from £55, Oslo Round End Table - £129

*Prices correct at time of publishing. Prices subject to change.

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