As you may have already noticed, copper has been on every interior magazine's design radar for a while now. However, this winter, it's set to take over the high street and our homes, in the form of lighting. 

There's been a slight move away from the bolder pink undertoned and high-shine designs that made their mark in the summer, with designers now celebrating worn-out and dull tones of copper as well. If you'd rather keep your statements subtle, these muted variations are perfect for easing the trend into the home without causing too much of a fuss. And best of all? The great thing about copper is, unlike some metals which can be tricky to incorporate, it blends in easily with any style. 

So if you've always fancied a hint of copper in your home, but are perhaps cautious as to how to introduce it, read on and discover how copper will suit your current decor style.

If you tend to prefer a traditional or vintage look...

Pictured: Brooklyn Adjustable Floor Lamp - £79, Watson Adjustable Floor Lamp - £69.

A standing floor light is a perfect way to introduce copper in a traditional interior. By opting for a classic reading light design, even a bright or high-shine finish won't look out of place. We love seeing rich, deeper hues of copper that will create a timeless feel when placed next to a cosy armchair. For a sophisticated look that gives a hint to period style, pair your floor lamp with rich oxblood stained walls or curtains. And if you want to add another element of interest, introduce an extra texture such as wood or fabric for a twist on traditional. 

If you like to keep things classic...

Pictured: Lattice Easy Fit Wire Dome Light - £25Söder Glass Pendant - £49.

As well as injecting some interest into a classic interior, a copper ceiling light can be used as a clever alternative to painting lacklustre walls in a rented space. Soft, golden hues will bounce light around and warm up any coolness, and copper's metallic finish will add a contemporary touch.

Pick a design that mimics a classic light shade but that can add some impact with a crafty spin on the norm. We love the playful take on wicker and rattan lighting that our Lattice light gives, or the chic Nordic-inspired ball pendant Söder light. Neutral or clean white walls look great with this type of lighting and create a soft look, but a deep emerald or forest green tone can really create some depth. Rather than getting out the paint brush set, look to accessorise a neutral room and copper lighting with on-trend emerald frames, vases and velvet cushions.

If you're a fan of contemporary or minimal interiors...

Pictured: Nest Non Electric Wire Light - £39, Hambledon Easy Fit Light in hammered copper - £25.

Let's shake off the minimal interior's association with white or grey. Today's contemporary and minimal decor tends to look towards texture, quality and simplicity. Even if you prefer to stick to white, it's important to have some fun with your furnishings. 

Create a striking focal point in your interior by drawing the eye upwards towards a copper ceiling light. By shifting the focus in your room to the ceiling, you'll instantly create the illusion of space and openness. Look for designs that showcase attention to detail and simplicity, yet intricacy through texture. The hammered copper effect from our Hamledon light is certain to cause a stir.

If you're considering a colour update, introduce a deep navy or indigo tone which will add warmth and depth to a contemporary space. It's another colour that's making its mark this season and can be just as effective as paint when introduced in the form of accessories and soft furnishings.

*Prices correct at time of publishing. Prices subject to change. 

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