Babies are tiny, but the truth is, they require a lot of stuff. And when you’re faced with a compact space to welcome your newborn, accommodating all of this stuff can be a little tricky. But the good news is, small nurseries can actually feel more warm and intimate compared to bigger ones. With the right décor, you can create a beautiful nursery, no matter the size. Here are our top space-saving tips.     

1. Choose multifunctional furniture

As the largest piece of furniture in the room, the cot is the most likely culprit for taking up space. It therefore makes sense to go for one with a streamlined aesthetic, yet can still offer a calm, comforting feel for your baby. You could even opt for a design that can be converted into a toddler bed. This way, when your little one grows older, you’ve already decorated according to the footprint of the ‘big’ bed as well. And as an extra bonus, you’ll beat having to buy new furniture later on. If you don’t have space for a chest of drawers and wardrobe, look for a wardrobe with double the function. Our Draycott Combination Wardrobe has clever built-in drawers, freeing up more space for nice-to-have extras such as a cosy armchair, which will serve as an inviting spot for bedtime stories.  

Products above: Draycott 2-in-1 Cot and Toddler Bed - £379 Draycott Combination Wardrobe - £519 

2. Opt for tall and slim furniture

Think tall and slim rather than wide and chunky when choosing your furniture. This will give you much more space to play with. It will also allow you to create wider gaps between each piece, creating an airy feel.

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3. Utilise every inch of space

The space beneath the cot is often forgotten about, but it’s actually a crafty place for hiding storage and a clever way of utilising unused space. Opt for some slim storage boxes that fit neatly underneath, these can be used to house baby grows, bibs and easy-to-reach essentials. Copper wire boxes and rustic wicker baskets will evoke a relaxed feel that won’t look out of place with the rest of your home.

4. Choose the right lighting

As well as creating a comfortable, soothing space for your baby to rest in, the right lighting can also give the illusion of a bigger space. Look to designs that feature slightly transparent fabrics and soft, milky colours to prevent the light from being too harsh on your little one’s eyes. Mirrors well also help to bounce light around the room and create an open, spacious feel in the daytime.

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5. Keep it neutral

Stick with a neutral colour scheme when it comes to walls and furniture. Lighter shades will help to emphasise light and will make the nursery feel more open. One clever trick is to paint the upper half of the room in a lighter shade compared to the lower half, to give the illusion of taller ceilings. You can add pops of colour through the use of fun prints, and the occasional painted piece of furniture.

6. Opt for clever patterns

Avoid complicated patterns as these can feel noisy and intrusive – something you especially want to avoid in a nursery setting. Bigger, yet calmer patterns will make the room feel more expansive without feeling overwhelming. Stripes are also a smart choice for visually expanding a room. Vertical stripes will elongate your nursery, whilst horizontal stripes will make it seem wider. Make sure to embrace patterns through your soft furnishings, as these are easy to replace and will add a soft, cosy feel. 

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