Light changes colour, that’s a given. But did you know that the shape of a chosen design can impact your colour and room? Even what may seem like the perfect light on paper may be disastrous for your interior, making it look small and dingy or too sterile.

If you’re looking for a new ceiling light design as an inexpensive room update, then it’s important to consider your current space and how light will impact its size, colour and style. And if you’re preparing for a full room revamp, put plenty of consideration into your new colour scheme. In fact, it’s recommended that you build your look around a statement light design rather than leaving it to the last minute. Read on, and find out what light you should really be opting for.

Single pendant lights

Pros: Designs in transparent and glossy materials can be a great way to add interest and boost the sense of space in a room. Opt for an oversized design to add some real impact.

Cons: Opaque or thicker materials mean that many pendants will cut off a light source and make a space appear gloomier. Avoid using this type of pendant as a main source of light in any room.

Best for: Pendant lights can be great at zoning key areas, hang one above a dining table to help create a focused space to eat.

What colours should you pair a pendant light with? As a rule of thumb, opt for colours that are on the warmer shade spectrum, unless you’re aiming for an ultra-modern look. Red or peach undertones will counteract any shade or dulled colours that you may find with this type of light.

Pictured from left to right: Juniper Curved Glass Pendant Light - £59, Zachary Wood and Glass Pendant - £55, Zachary Wood and Metal Pendant - £65.

Multiple pendant lights 

Pros: They’re perfect for creating a serious statement in a room. Glass styles tend to offer a contemporary look and are an easy way to introduce some playful texture and design.

Cons: If you don’t have high ceilings or a large room, then this type of design will shrink it. Stick to single pendant lights if you’re stuck for space.

Best for: Larger living rooms or hallways.

What colours should you pair multiple pendants with? Multiple pendant lights tend to be brighter, so when it comes to colours, feel free to be more adventurous. Be wary of going too grey however.

Products: Jake 5 Light Pendant - £45, Charlotte Floral 5 Light Pendant - £55, Sierra Cascading 7 Light Pendant – £115.

Flush mount ceiling lights

Pros: They’re a great way make a small room feel more expansive. Often in classic glass designs, they’re also a good way to complement a busy colour scheme without stealing the limelight.   

Cons: They can look a little lost in a larger room and tend to be quite bright. If you’re looking to create a moody ambience, then perhaps a flush mount light isn’t for you.

Best for: Kitchens, small lounges and narrow hallways. 

What colours you should pair flush mount ceiling lights with? Soft shades of buttermilk, cream or gold look wonderful with this kind of light. With the bulbs being so close to the ceiling, a lot of light will bounce around and brighten up your room.

Products: Portora Chunky Glass Flush Light - £65, Matilda 6 Pendant Light - £59.

Globe ceiling lights

Pros: If you’re looking to make an impact, then a globe ceiling light is the one for you. They tend to look great in modern interiors and are wonderful at opening up a space when in high-gloss and fluid designs.

Cons: They’re not for the faint hearted. A globe ceiling light is likely to take centre stage in a room and can be easy to take over one too. If you look towards classic or calm decors, then you may be better suited to a pendant light.

Best for: Living rooms and open plan spaces.

What colours you should pair a globe ceiling lights with? Emphasise your bold lighting design with a brave colour. An on-trend indigo blue on the walls will create a gorgeous, moody interior. Or you could opt for bright whites and run with the modernist look.

Products: Mason Globe Ceiling Light - £55.


Pros: A truly classic design, chandeliers are the go-to lighting design to add some luxury and sophistication to any room. Modern designs look great in eclectic interiors and will perk up any space.

Cons: Nothing looks worse than a chandelier crammed into a tiny space. Give your chosen design space to breathe, and make sure it complements the rest of your interior. With such a striking design, they’re very easy to look out of place.

Best for: Bedrooms, lounges and dining rooms.

What colours you should pair chandeliers with? Give a nod to the elegance and luxury of the chandelier’s era, and paint walls in rich shades of oxblood and wine. Or you could counteract a chandelier with pretty pastels or cool, crisp greys for a chic look. 

Products: Rosie 5 Light Chandelier - £89, Phoebe Birdcage Chandelier - £89, Rosie Chandelier - £49

*Prices correct at time of publishing. Prices subject to change.

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