Doormats might not be the most exciting household items in the world, but they sure do serve a useful purpose, especially when it comes to keeping your house clean. Not only do they stop mud in its tracks, they also add personality to your home through eye-catching colours and playful designs. Whether you’re a big fan of country walks or have an excitable, muddy-pawed dog on your hands, we’ve got a variety of doormats to suit all kinds of households. We’ve explained each type below to guide you through the options.   

Indoor Muddle Mats

Our indoor doormats help stop 95% of dirt, dust and mud from being trailed around the house. Ultra-absorbent, they can hold up to 4x their own weight in water, ideal for wiping down wet shoes after a rainy walk outside. Machine washable at 30°C, just pop the mat in the washing machine whenever it’s in need of a good clean. If you’re looking to make a statement in your hallway, take your pick from our patterned muddle mats, available in a stylish range of stripes, spots and printed designs.

Products above: Cotton Muddle Mat, Coffee - £12, Muddle Mat Stripe, Brown - £15, Muddle Mat, Home - £15, Muddle Mat, Charcoal - £12, Muddle Mat Spots, Grey - £15


Outdoor Muddle Mats

Outdoor doormats are perfect for making the most of an outdoor environment, especially if you enjoy hosting lots of BBQs in summer. Mould-resistant, they are suitable for all types of weather and can be left outside, all year along. This is thanks to clever water drain holes which prevent the mat from getting soaked or frosting over. They can even be hosed down with a jet washer when they’re in need of a thorough clean.

Products above: Outdoor Muddle Mat, Linen - £15, Outdoor Muddle Mat, Charcoal - £15

Howler & Scratch Pet Mats

Food and pets don’t always go well together. One knock of your pet’s paw on the food or water bowl and it’s game over. Our Howler & Scratch door mats have been designed to alleviate this problem, with a designated spot to place the bowls, coupled with a non-slip backing to ensure they won’t budge out of place. They are also highly absorbent, so you needn’t worry if the water bowl does get knocked over. The short pile also makes vacuuming pet hair a breeze.

Products above: Howler & Scratch Pet Mat, Dog House - £15, Howler & Scratch Pet Mat, Polka Dot Cat - £15, Howler & Scratch Pet Mat, Home - £15, Howler & Scratch Nosh Pet Mat, Cream - £12

Howler & Scratch Pet Runners

Our Howler & Scratch runners essentially act as a protective runway for your pets, absorbing the dirt when they come bouncing through the doorway. Crafted from 100% recycled nylon, they are eco-friendly and effectively trap up to 95% of dirt, mud and dust. Plus, the long stretch of fabric means there is an ample amount of space to ensure those muddy paws are wiped clean.

Products above: Howler & Scratch Pet Runner, Pawprints - £29Howler & Scratch Pet Runner, Bones - £29, Howler & Scratch Pet Runner, Home - £29

*Prices correct at time of publishing. Prices subject to change.

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