We all love a neutral – let's face it, our decor wouldn't feel quite as cosy without them. But when push comes to shove, which neutral should you go for? With white and grey dominating the interior world this year, we thought it was only right to make these two must-have colours go head to head. We've broken down the pros and cons of each.   


Grey has had a bad reputation in the past. Once considered the gloomiest shade on the colour spectrum, is now one of the most coveted shades around. So, let’s find out whether it may be the trend for you.

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  • Grey creates a contemporary feel with minimal effort. It creates an air of sophistication that's perfect for a modern space. 
  • There’s something quite soothing about grey. In fact, it represents calm and tranquility in colour psychology. This makes it a great option for the bedroom and other rooms where you want to relax.
  • Because it's so muted, grey works particularly well with accent colours. It happily takes a backseat, letting brighter shades take the limelight. This is ideal if you're looking to make a statement.
  • Unlike other colours, it can be easily layered up with other shades of grey to create an illusion of depth.
  • Grey makes a great backdrop for art — hang a picture on a smoky background for maximum impact.


  • If used excessively, grey runs the risk of feeling cold and dreary. A small space with limited light may feel confined if there's too much grey involved.
  • Grey can look different depending on your lighting, so you can’t always predict how it will look until it’s in your home. Working with grey does, therefore, require a lot of thought, perhaps more so than white.  


      As we look more and more towards Scandinavian style for interior inspiration, it's safe to say that white is having a serious interior moment. But is it the right choice for your space?


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      • This cool and creamy hue makes the perfect blank canvas. It’s bright, fresh and goes with pretty much anything. Warm colours, cold colours – whatever you decide to team it with, you can’t go wrong with white.
      • Its versatility frees you from having to commit to one particular style or colour scheme. This gives you the flexibility to switch up your decor when you fancy a change. 
      • Soft ivory-like shades are a smart choice if you're looking to give your space a quick refresh. The simple addition of white furniture can instantly make a space feel cleaner and more inviting.
      • Wonderfully timeless, white won't date in the style stakes, which makes it a good long-term colour option – especially if you're looking to invest in larger, more expensive items. 
      • This crisp colour is great at reflecting the light and can make a space feel more roomy. Naturally, this makes it a good choice for smaller interiors.


      • Too much white can make a space feel clinical and sterile. Even if you're going for the "all white" look, it's important to use varying tones to create a sense of definition. 
      • Unlike grey, which is great at concealing dirt, white is much harder to clean. It, therefore, might not be the best option if you've got a house full of kids or pets. 

        So which colour should you choose?

        Both colours are great in their own unique way – at the end of the day, the shade you choose is as much about the space that you're decorating as it is personal preference. Have a think about the layout of your room, the amount of light that filters through and the mood you're trying to achieve before making a concrete decision.