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Create a fun and stylish family bathroom

When your little ones are starting to get the bedtime grump and there’s still the daily scrub to fit in, your bathroom should be a room that the whole family can enjoy rather than an ordeal you'd rather blitz through. Forget tantrums and last minute fixes, we're here to help turn the bathroom into a space your children can be interested in. Somewhere for you (and them) to finally relax. So, whether you’re looking for a bath time adventure, or an escape to a soothing and stylish retreat we can help you provide the space to get the most out of your bathroom, and turn a dull bath time into a fun one.

Looking for fun?

The bathroom should be a place where you and your children love to spend time, so creating an element of fun is the perfect way to engage younger family members. However, fun for the kids doesn’t need to mean compromising on style or space. Our selection of beautifully crafted products features crafty concealed storage and clever detailing to ensure that you can have a soothing soak of your own once the little ones are tucked in and fast asleep. With enough space to store toys in and plenty of places to act as a perch when it’s time to get squeaky clean; bold colours will liven up a space and add a contemporary twist. Next thing you know, they won’t be able to wait for bath time.

Want to stay stylish?

A practical family bathroom can be an elegant, sophisticated space, without the need for overt childlike qualities. So, even if you have excitable children blowing bubble shapes or splashing in glee one moment, you can find sophisticated bliss the next. Create a timeless, lavish space which you and your family love that’s great for the kids as they grow. Our products feature beautiful detailing in chrome, stainless steel and rich wood finishes alongside opulent, traditional detailing to emphasise the room’s elegance. Clever storage space means that no one needs to know there are boxes full of toys hidden in each corner, and darker colours create a sophisticated look which is surprisingly easy to clean and hide tiny fingerprints. A clever and practical solution.

Struggling for space?

Unfortunately, creating the right bathroom has many hurdles for the modern family mainly down to the fact that, let’s face it, we don’t all live in mansions. Perhaps, you’re contemplating how to make a narrow, or boxy room into a practical, fun space for you and your children? A place not only to give them the perfect playtime and straight-forward baths or showers, but somewhere you can find the time to rewind and rejuvenate in too. Our selection of expertly crafted products ensure that every nook is used, and that your space is emphasised so that no matter how small it is, it will be right for your family. Use mirrors and shades of white to create the illusion of more space and instantly lighten the room.