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Create a nature-inspired, calming bathroom

Whether it’s a summer picnic in the park, a winter dog walk through the woods or a swim on your tropical island holiday, the outdoors has fond memories for us all. The feeling of sun on your face, the sound of running water and the sensation of cool grass between your toes all have the power to bring a feeling of peace and calm. So why not bring the sensation of the outdoors, indoors? No matter what the weather is doing outside, by carefully selecting elements to tailor your surroundings, you can transport yourself to a place of true relaxation.

Solar Sparkle

Sunshine has the power to change your mood and re-energise your body. There are few things worse then trying to wake yourself up on a gloomy day, so why not make the best of what light there is. A big, gleaming mirror will help reflect light, making it feel like the sun is shining.

Warm Wood

Soothing, warm and stylish, wood can give any room a beautifully calming vibe. Whether you prefer a dramatic dark walnut, or a gentle swan-oak, adding a touch of nature to your bathroom is sure to create the feel of stepping into an sanctuary of calm. And these great storage units, offering tons of space to hide all those bathroom bottles, are sure to keep your oasis spotless.

Cascading Water

The sound of water can evoke memories of paddling at the beach, walking by a gently flowing river or that first almighty leap into a refreshing swimming pool. It has the power to sooth the soul, as well as refresh the mind. With wide spouts, these waterfall taps allows the water to find its natural rhythm and flow.