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Which is the best sink tap to suit your needs?

Whether you’re getting ready for work, brushing the kids’ teeth, or washing off the remnants of a busy day before bed, you and your sink taps go through a lot together. So, when it comes to choosing taps you want to be sure they are your perfect match. And with so much choice out there, knowing which style does what and why, can be confusing. But fret not, with a few simple hints, you can find the perfect taps for you.

Wall Mounted Taps

Stylish and space saving, wall mounted taps have a beautifully clever design. By wall mounting taps you can create a sleek and spacious look. This type of tap is ideal for bathrooms with hung toilets and semi-pedestal sinks, as you are already likely to have concealed plumbing.

Waterfall Taps

Due to their open spout design, waterfall taps have the wonderful added drama of naturally falling water. Like mixer taps, waterfall taps mix the hot and cold flows together. Their stylish design has really come into fashion recently, alongside the popularity of spa days. They are perfect for adding a contemporary look to your bathroom, while offering beautifully water movement.

High Rise

If you have always dreamed of a counter top sink, you might want finish off the look with a unique high-rise tap. Designed with an elongated body, these taps are perfectly suited for the height of a counter-top sink. They often have a simple design, which allows your sink to shine as the focal point.

Single Sink Taps

Single taps are the most traditional style of tap formation. Often sold in pairs, single taps have one tap for cold water and the other for hot. If you are looking to create a classic look in your bathroom, single taps are a beautiful way of adding a timeless look. Many older sink are drilled with two holes, so if you are looking to revamp your sink, without replacing it, there are plenty of contemporary designs you can choose from too.

Mixer Taps

As the name suggests, mixer taps mix the hot and cold water before the water reaches the sink. They commonly have a single control lever which allows you to find your perfect temperature. This makes them brilliant for children, as they can have warm water while avoiding a hot water only flow. There is a huge variety of styles and designs to choose from, ranging from elegantly traditional, to simply smart and wildly contemporary.